Alan is a 42-year-old male, who in 2017 was involved in a road traffic collision losing his independent lifestyle working in a bike shop. Alan was riding his motorcycle at the time of the accident. Alan sustained many injuries in the accident including a traumatic brain injury. He underwent two rounds of CPR at the scene of the accident and it is believed that his brain was starved of oxygen for a period of time resulting in a hypoxic injury. Physically, Alan broke his pelvis, had 10 fractured ribs, a punctured lung, a fracture in his back and dislocated and fractured his left elbow.

Since ATtherapy have been involved, Alan has been supported with cognitive communication activities and has been supported with his eating and drinking skills.

Alan has overcome large hurdles and one of the main difficulties now impacting his life is his poor memory. Alan cannot remember from one day to the next what he has done, who he has seen and who people are. Working in conjunction with his Occupational Therapist and Neuropsychologist, we have implemented a wide range of external memory strategies such as diaries, whiteboards, visual apps and reminder systems. He works with the Speech and Language Therapist to develop improved naming skills, auditory / visual memory skills and planning and organisational skills. He tends to be very literal and we work to develop his skills in reading between the lines of events to better improve his social understanding. Alan is looking forward to getting married and moving into a new house later in the year.