Cohen (aged 8) was referred to ATtherapy in 2018 by his case manager. He has a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. An initial assessment was completed to gain a holistic profile of Cohen’s strengths and needs. This included an assessment of his speech sounds, language understanding and use, and his social skills.

Assessment of Cohen’s language indicated that his use of language was below the level expected for his age. His sentences were only one or two words, and often left out important information. He did not use many grammatical features in his sentences such as verbs and tense endings (-ing and -ed). 

He made errors in many of his speech sounds which meant his speech could only ‘sometimes’ be understood by family, friends and strangers.

These difficulties made expressing his wants, thoughts and opinions to those around him challenging.

Since his initial assessment, Cohen has received weekly speech and language therapy from a specialist speech and language therapist at ATtherapy. Cohen has been using a therapy approach called ‘Shape Coding’ to develop his ability to create longer, grammatically correct sentences. In his most recent assessment, Cohen was able to use a range of grammatical structures including tense markers (-ing and -ed) and create a 4 word sentence!

Cohen’s speech has also improved and he can now be understood by familiar and unfamiliar listeners. 

Training has also been provided to those working with Cohen in many different areas. This, alongside regular contact with his school and support worker, allows therapy to be embedded into everyday activities creating opportunities for Cohen to regularly work on his therapy targets and continue to make progress.