Kit is a young man who ATtherapy have supported for many years. Kit has Cerebral Palsy and has good understanding of language, however cannot express himself verbally. He is due to start secondary school soon and we were a key element to the team reviewing his communication and technology needs for this big move.

Throughout the years Kit has tried different access methods such as switch scanning and eye gaze as it is too physically challenging for him to use a finger point to access his computer or communication aid. Currently he uses a single switch which is placed next to his knee. Previously, having a switch as a primary access method would have limited Kit to specialist software and hardware. However, these choices are widening as technology develops.

Communication through social media, messaging and gaming are as important to Kit as communication face to face. The decision was made by Kit’s team to move his communication system to mainstream technology, an iPad, which gave him easier access to mainstream apps such as WhatsApp and Instagram. His communication software is also available on an iPad ensuring consistency of communication between his communication on Windows based as well as Apple based systems.

Kit had a great day shopping for his new system and is ready for high school.